2024 Gleaning Festival

The 2024 Gleaning Festival was an overwhelming success, bringing together neighbors, friends, and families for a day of celebration, community, and fellowship. Held at the picturesque Wild Goose Farms, the event showcased the power of collective effort and compassion.

Wild Goose Farms, known for its commitment to sustainable agriculture, stepped up to match the funds raised during the festival. Their generous contribution doubled the impact of the community’s efforts. The proceeds were split between two vital organizations: RCMA (Redlands Christian Migrant Association) and 4-Roots Farms.

  • RCMA: Dedicated to improving the lives of migrant and seasonal farmworkers, RCMA provides educational programs, healthcare services, and support for families. The festival’s donation will directly benefit these hardworking individuals and their children.
  • 4-Roots Farms: This local initiative focuses on regenerative agriculture, teaching sustainable farming practices and promoting food security. The funds received will help expand their educational programs and create a more resilient food system.

Wild Goose Farms express heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated, volunteered, and contributed. Their tireless efforts made the event a resounding success. As the sun set on this year’s Gleaning Festival, anticipation already filled the air for next year’s gathering. The community looks forward to coming together once again, celebrating abundance, compassion, and the joy of giving back.

Mark your calendars—the Gleaning Festival will return, stronger and more vibrant than ever. Until then, let’s carry the spirit of generosity and community in our hearts, knowing that together, we can make a difference.

See you next year!