Quality Bermuda Hay at Kicking Kow Ranch


Round Rolls:

Our Bermuda hay comes in large, convenient tight net wrapped, round rolls.

Fertilized Fields:

Each cutting benefits from carefully applied fertilizers.

Barn Storage:

We store our hay in barns, ensuring freshness and protection.

Easy Access for Trucks:

Whether you need a small pickup or a larger load, we’ve got you covered.

📞 Contact Us:

For details or to place an order, reach out to us directly. We’re here to assist!

Thank you for choosing Kicking Kow Ranch!

Ensuring Quality

Our Commitment

Where Excellence Meets Tradition

Kicking Kow Ranch

Nestled among the rolling hills of northern Lake and Marion counties, Kicking Kow Ranch thrives in an environment known for fertile soils and generous rainfall.

Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of our operations:

Bermuda Grasses:

We cultivate Bermuda grasses, providing essential nutrition for our livestock.

Come winter, these same grasses become valuable hay.

Breeding Herd:

Our purebred Black Angus and Brangus cattle form the backbone of our ranch.

Their lineage reflects generations of dedication and expertise.


At Kicking Kow, we honor tradition while embracing innovation.

Welcome to our slice of ranching excellence.