Cultivating Growth and Values

Founded in the mid-1990s by Chuck and Vesna Allison
Wild Goose Farms has blossomed from a small citrus company into a diverse family farming enterprise. Our core principles —Entrepreneurship, Stewardship, and Relationships— have been the driving force behind our success. Today, our company proudly encompasses five operating divisions: Wild Goose Berries: Where sweetness thrives. Spring Valley Packing: Ensuring quality from field to table. Grand Island Citrus: A legacy of excellence in citrus. Deep Roots Nursery: Nurturing growth from the ground up. Kicking Kow Cattle and Hay: Where tradition meets innovation. From roots to branches, we cultivate excellence.

The Wild Goose Farms Journey

Inspired by Ancient Wisdom Wild Goose Farms draws its name from the ancient Celtic Christians of the 5th century. These devout individuals found God’s presence in nature, and their reverence for the Holy Spirit led them to adopt the wild goose as its symbol. Here’s why: The wild goose embodies untamed freedom—an apt representation of the Holy Spirit’s unpredictability. Chasing the Wild Goose: This perspective guides our farming ventures. It’s a calling that takes us on unexpected roads, revealing God through His Spirit. Just like chasing a wild goose, our journey teaches us faith and trust. We embrace the adventure, drawing closer to Him. At Wild Goose Farms, we honor tradition while embracing the unknown.
Otro dia, otra aventura!


We strive to build a flourishing agricultural enterprise. Ensuring stability and sustainability are core to our mission. We’re committed to producing wholesome, nutritious products. Continual development of knowledge and expertise gives us a competitive edge. We bless our employees and their families through rewarding work opportunities that impact them financially, professionally, and spiritually.

Together, we cultivate growth and purpose.


Cultivating Prosperity and Community

We aim for profitable and enjoyable farming endeavors. Being part of a farming community is invaluable to us. We embrace change and continually challenge ourselves to enhance our business. Employee Satisfaction, Worker and Food Safety, Top-Quality Wholesome Products.

We’re not just a farm; we’re a family that supports our neighbors.

Together, we sow seeds of success and goodwill. 

Our Values Include


As stewards of entrusted resources, we uphold our responsibility to manage and protect them.


At Wild Goose Farms, we foster community through honesty, integrity, fairness, kindness, and generosity. 


We create value by identifying opportunities, taking calculated risks, and utilizing time and resources effectively for fruitful endeavors.

Ownership and managment:

Chuck Allison

Wild Goose Farms is owned by Chuck & Vesna Allison. Chuck is retired from a 33 year career in agribusiness working for A. Duda and Sons and more recently Prudential. At Prudential he was responsible for managing their Agricultural Investment’s division.

Vesna Allison

Vesna Allison is responsible for accounting and finance, as well as being a faithful steward for our harvest crews. She is a registered nurse and currently volunteers at Grace Medical.

Cameron Allison

Cameron Allison joined full time in January of 2020 to provide financial, strategic, and horticultural skills. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Food and Resource Economics degree paired with a minor in Horticulture Sciences. After college he spent 2 years as a Financial Analyst for one of the top Agricultural Lenders in the United Sates.

Nato Martinez

Nato Martinez became Farm Manager in 2008 and oversaw the development of both the blueberry and citrus properties. His responsibilities include all farming activities for blueberry, citrus, cattle and hay operations.

Terri Martinez

Terri Martinez joined Wild Goose Farms in 2013. She is the business Office Manager and Food Safety Manager. She also co-manages the Spring Valley Packing operation. Prior to joining us, Terri’s spent 17 years as a practice administrator for a multi-doctor medical office.

Noel Watkins

Noel Watkins joined Deep Roots Nursery, a division Wild Goose Farms, in August 2020. Noel has 24 years of experience in the development and management of all things nursery.

Craig Stoyka

Craig Stoyka joined our team in 2023 as Citrus Division Manager.

Wild Goose Team

Our year round farm team is a crucial component to the daily success of Wild Goose Farms.