Spring Valley Farms is a vertically integrated blueberry producer in Central Florida. We produce over one million pounds of delicious blueberries for fresh consumption each year. The berries produced by Spring Valley Farms are sold under a marketing agreement with Wish Farms and can be found in almost every major retail grocery store on the east coast. Spring Valley stays on the cutting edge of development in regards to Florida grown varieties, delivering the finest eating experience at the most optimal time of the year. Our farms are large enough to allow us to continually innovate with new varieties that provide greater shelf life and consumer acceptance. We have also focused on extending the Florida season and now have varieties that allow us to harvest from early March to late May.


Quality You Can Trust

If you visit our farm, you will recognize that we spare no expense to insure we have the highest quality berries in the market.



In addition to fruit quality, food safety and traceability are important aspects of our business practices. We consistently maintain a Primus Labs GFS Certified A-Rating to ensure we are producing a quality product safe for the consumer.

Primus Labs GFS certification is an internationally recognized Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) audit reviewing farm and harvesting practices to deliver produce of the highest integrity and consistency.


Spring Valley has invested significantly in technology that allows us to follow the history of any consumer-packaged product back to the field, block, variety and day it was harvested. Through barcoded technology on each package, the consumer can provide feedback or quality issues and this feedback allows us to modify our harvesting and grading practices to maximize customer satisfaction.