Cultivating Florida’s Finest Blueberries

Wild Goose Farms

Nestled in the heart of Central Florida, Wild Goose Farms stands as a premier vertically integrated blueberry producer. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of our operation.

Abundant Harvest

Each year, we yield over two million pounds of delectable blueberries, destined for fresh consumption. These vibrant berries are the result of meticulous care and sustainable practices.


Strategic Partnerships

Under a strategic marketing agreement with Wish Farms, our blueberries grace the shelves of nearly every major retail grocery store along the east coast. The synergy between our farms ensures that consumers enjoy top-quality produce.


Cutting-Edge Innovation

At Wild Goose Farms, we stay ahead of the curve. Our focus on Florida-grown varieties allows us to deliver an unparalleled eating experience precisely when it matters most. We’re not just growing blueberries; we’re cultivating moments of delight.

Varietal Exploration

Our expansive farms provide the canvas for continuous innovation. New varieties emerge, offering extended shelf life and enhanced consumer satisfaction. From February to late May, our harvest season unfolds, celebrating the best of Florida’s bounty.

Wild Goose Farms invites you to savor the taste of excellence. Join us in celebrating the artistry of blueberry cultivation, where every berry tells a story of dedication and flavor.

Assured Quality: Our Commitment to Excellence

When you step onto our farm, the dedication to quality becomes evident. We spare no expense in ensuring that our berries stand out in the market. Beyond exceptional fruit quality, we prioritize food safety and traceability. Our consistent Primus Labs GFS Certified A-Rating guarantees that we produce a safe, high-quality product for consumers. The internationally recognized Primus Labs GFS certification reviews our farm and harvesting practices, delivering produce of utmost integrity and consistency. Trust us to provide the best.

Enhancing Traceability

A Commitment to Quality

At Wild Goose Farms, we’ve made substantial investments in cutting-edge technology to ensure traceability from field to consumer. Our system allows us to track every consumer-packaged product back to its origin—the specific field, block, variety, and harvest day. How It Works: Barcoded Technology: Each package bears a unique barcode. This code serves as a digital passport, carrying essential information about the product. Consumer Feedback Loop: When consumers provide feedback or report quality issues, we listen attentively. Their insights drive continuous improvement. Adaptive Practices: Armed with consumer feedback, we fine-tune our harvesting and grading processes. Our goal? To maximize customer satisfaction and deliver the finest produce. Wild Goose Farms remains committed to transparency, quality, and your dining experience. Trust us to bring you the best. 

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