Introducing “Wild Goose Farms, LLC”

Our company takes on a new name! Formerly, Spring Valley Farms is now known as WILD GOOSE FARMS! The company includes four operating division – Spring Valley Berries, Spring Valley Packing, Grand Island Citrus and Kicking Kow Cattle and Hay.

Wild Goose Farms takes its name from the ancient Celtic Christians of the 5th Century. Their close interaction with nature  saw God revealed in all His glory. Their reverence for the Holy Spirit led them to adopt the wild goose as representation of the Holy Spirit. The wild goose was untamable, free, and unpredictable. Like the Holy Spirit, we don’t always know where it comes from or where it is going.

Chasing the Wild Goose is the perspective we take in pursuing our farming ventures. It is a calling planted in our hearts and takes us down roads we never imagined. It is an adventure that reveals God through His Holy Spirit. It is an adventure that teaches us faith and trust. It is an adventure that brings us closer to Him.

Otro dia, otra aventura!