Ownership & Management

Family Photo
Family Photo

Spring Valley Farms is owned by Chuck & Vesna Allison. Their children have been involved in the farming activities from the beginning and two of them are majoring in agricultural economics at the University of Florida. Chuck is retired from a 33 year career in agribusiness working for Duda and Sons and more recently Prudential. At Prudential he was responsible for managing their Agricultural Investment’s division. Vesna is a registered nurse and currently volunteers at Grace Medical when not managing the harvesting crews at Spring Valley Farms.


Nato Martinez

Farm Management is provided by Nato Martinez. Nato was instrumental in developing both the berry and citrus properties and he currently oversees the farm management on all the farms. His Hispanic heritage has helped to build a reliable and recurring work force for the harvest season without the use of Farm Labor Contractors or H2A workers. 


Terri Martinez

Terri Martinez, Nato’s wife, was recruited in 2013 to be Office Manager for the business. She also helps manage the Spring Valley Packing operation. Terri’s spent 17 years as a practice administration for a multi-doctor medical office.


travisTravis Kuhn was hired in January of 2016 to provide business development, marketing and strategic skills. He graduated from U of F with a degree in Food and Resource Economics and spent four years working for a large vertically integrated berry company with international marketing capabilities.


Worker Philosophy We believe in the inherent goodness of people and the importance of family. Our desire is to be a blessing to others through the resources that God has blessed us with.